About Us

Artā Medical and Beauty Supplies

The First Kuwaiti Brand Specialized in Medical and Beauty Supplies

Our Story

Artā is a forward-thinking medical supplies company that was established in 2021. With a primary focus on health, we specialize in creating a diverse range of medical products that not only serve functional purposes but also embody elegance and creativity.

Inspired by the Greek word for "art," our brand name reflects our commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with innovative solutions. We aim to be more than just a supplier; we aim to integrate our products seamlessly into people's lifestyles, enhancing their well-being and adding a touch of sophistication. What sets Artā apart is our dedication to being the sole brand in Kuwait that produces these exceptional medical products, ensuring that our customers have access to unique and high-quality options. Discovering the Artā experience will elevate your healthcare journey with our exceptional range of products.

The Birth of Artā

The story of Arta unfolds as an exceptional journey, fueled by inspiration and a relentless commitment to innovation. Founded by Dr. Arwa Ahmed Albaqsami, a dentist and artist hailing from Kuwait, Arta is more than just a brand – it's an immersive experience.

What Inspired Artā?

At its core, Arta is born from a profound connection with patients. Dr. Arwa's patients, their pain, health issues, and even their observations of product deficiencies, serve as the driving force behind the inception of Arta. She felt a duty to enhance the lives of her patients with her problem solving skills, and this duty manifested as an unwavering commitment to creating inventive, user-friendly solutions.

The Essence of Artā

Arta is not about products; it's about life experiences. This brand is in the business of crafting memories, sharing emotions, and empowering individuals to care for their health and beauty. Arta is the key to establishing life goals and making them attainable through consistent self-care routines, regardless of where life takes you. It's about that radiant, healthy smile that brings purpose to our daily lives.

Artā's Mission

Arta's mission transcends mere profit. It's about simplifying and connecting. This brand aims to transform daily routines into habits that individuals can easily adhere to. It's a conduit to authentic self-expression and nurturing the health and well-being of its customers.

What Sets Artā Apart?

Arta's uniqueness lies in its blend of elegance and practicality. Dr. Arwa and her team are not just business owners; they're medical professionals and engineers dedicated to solving problems through scientific innovation. Every Arta product carries that distinctive "WOW" factor that sets it apart in the market.

The Epiphany

Dr. Arwa's realization that Arta was "the one" for her came when she felt her true self coming to life. Arta wasn't just a business; it was a source of personal and professional growth. It invigorated her with the energy to pour her heart into it and allowed her to express herself creatively.

Why Going Global?

Kuwait possesses the capacity to achieve this endeavor. When Dr. Arwa initially broached the idea of establishing a branch in Canada, a business consultant proposed, "Why not market it as a Canadian brand available in Kuwait? This approach could substantially boost sales!" However, her response was unequivocal: "No! I take immense pride in Arta as the premier Kuwaiti Medical brand, and I am even prouder of its international presence." The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic served as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of our world. In the face of this global health crisis, humanity collectively experienced the sensation of the world coming to a standstill due to the paramount importance of health. This challenging period united us with a common purpose and aspiration: the pursuit of improved well-being, collectively striving to reestablish the bonds that connect us all.

Lessons from Artā

Patience, humility, and self-love resemble the core values of Dr. Arwa and the essence behind building every product. Arta's journey taught her the interconnectedness of the world and the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals whose goals align with the brand's mission. Her engineering background, seemingly unconventional at first, emerged as a critical foundation for creating products that are not just beautiful but also functional and safe.

Service Over Sales

Through Arta, Dr. Arwa transformed the concept of sales into service, recognizing that serving others was the key to success. Arta's story is a model to the power of passion and innovation in the market, where products are not mere commodities but cherished memories and transformative experiences.